About Us

What is a Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant is a title with many different interpretations. In general it is someone who works on office support tasks without being on-site. There are Virtual Assistants (VAs) who offer the traditional personal or office assistant services; others who specialize in SEO; still others who specialize in social media. In truth, it is simple: VAs assist, virtually. The skill-sets may vary but that is the goal of the Virtual Assistant. Clients receive the services of an experienced and skilled professional with no need to pay for additional office space, equipment, software, or nonproductive time.

What do we mean by Technical Virtual Assistant?

A Technical Virtual Assistant has skills above and beyond the average VA, specializing in technology-oriented projects and tasks. In addition to all of the traditional VA business and computer support services, our technical specializations include information technology, web development, software quality management, and creative digital graphic design services.

Technical Virtual Assistant

Our Approach


Our method is flat-pricing projects based on an estimate of the total number of effort hours required to complete each task required to deliver a successful project. Our estimates are dependent on the complexity of the tasks and the skill-sets involved for each individual project.Translated into hourly terms, our rates typically approximate to:


$30 – 50: Basic:          Word processing, document conversion, WordPress consultation, software testing …
$50 – 70: Standard:   Technical writing, training, WordPress development, software quality assurance …
$70 – 90: Complex:   Graphic design, illustration, web programming, software quality management …


Your projects will be completed in a timely manner to your satisfaction, including reasonable rework and consultation, without additional/hidden charges or worrying about hours.


Since hours are not a factor, quality is the watchword. We can concentrate on making the project the best it can be, always remaining productive to ensure timely and satisfactory delivery.


We can turn our hands to any project with industry experience in: Information Technology; Medical; Legal; Education; Military; Customer Service; Construction; Food Service; Retail and Wholesale Commerce; and Manufacturing. We are customer-centered and responsive with availability for high priority, short-notice projects.


With exclusively US resources, we have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. We work closely with our clients to make sure that their business will be best-represented by the project we deliver.

Lisanne Ajir

Virtual Assistant – Lisanne Ajir

Lisanne, a transplanted Oregonian, is a mother of six and wife of one, in Summerlin, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. In addition to being an enthusiastic Virtual Assistant, she enjoys face painting, sculpting, and oil painting.